Buena Vista Social Club (1999)

The movie, Buena Vista Social Club was the most touching and inspiring film of my entire life. When aging Cuban musicians play a beautifully harmonized song, I couldn’t help but crying. After watching the film, I still could feel the vibe and few shots will be never forgettable. From Ibrahim Ferrer’s longing look facing toward Omara’s tears, Compay’s naive smile while singing along with Ry Cooder’s guitar, Ruben’s solitary life without a piano for 10 years, to all musicians bringing together along with others performing like waving Cuban flag with their heart bursting sound in Carnegie hall.

Waves breaking against seawalls in Havana harbor and worn out backstreets of Cuba seemed to imply hardships of Cubans lives. These kinds of backgrounds mingled with the aging musicians perfectly. They were sad but they sang a song cheerfully. They were feeling emptiness and lonely but they pleasantly played their instruments just like taking care of each other. While singing and facing one to one, I could see wailful tears in their eyes that represent their wounded souls. Words can’t express all of how I felt about this film. The film was truly amazing and admiring that I won’t ever forget forever.


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